Annandale Farms

As of September 29, 2016

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No produce at this time.

Hay for Sale:

We have about 40 4' x 5' rolls stored on the ground at Texas Bottom. These are available at $20.00 ea. We have 50 or 60 rolls stored inside available at $35.00. We mowed Texas Bottom the first week of September; 145 rolls at 25.00 each if picked up from the field before we get our shed built. We load.


Our September 15th slaughter suffered a postponement. The processor apparently had some HR problems. If we have not already contacted you we will call probably the 8th of October for delivery or pickup. This processing was done at C&E Processing in Bon Aqua. We will have another scheduled for late October.

(931) 796-5873 between dark and 8:30 PM or leave a message.

Dale W Kelley, Inc.