Annandale Farms – Grass Fed Beef


Our Objectives :

We would like to earn a living from our farms by providing naturally raised. lean and healthy beef directly to the people who are going to eat it. To sell only what we have raised humanely from birth to slaughter avoiding any chemical inputs. We also want to improve our farms' land and fertility through appropriate use and care of the land and through plant and livestock interaction. We welcome visitors to the farm; you can look at the cattle and their environment. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our cows and calves are very lean. They are crosses of Romagnola with Angus, Brangus, Charlois and Simmental.

They eat grass, fresh and as hay. Natural minerals. No anitboitics, no chemicals of any kind.

We combat parasites with diatomaceous earth and with apple cider vinegar. No chemicals.

Our meat is currently processed at Shaffer's Processing in Summertown.

You may purchase by the quarter, by the side, or CSA lean ground beef at 10 or more lbs. Purchase is required prior to slaughter.

Annandale Farms

1121 Grinder's Creek Road

Hohenwald, Tennessee 38462

(931) 796-5873 if out, you may leave a message.